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“Sean is one of the most thoughtful visionaries I've ever met. He has the magic gift of seeing things that no one else can see and then inspiring a team to move towards that vision with innovative ideas and execution.”
—Jenni Hogan

Previous work

Tagboard at an event

Tagboard MVP

Whiteboards and brainstorming weren't enough to get a company off the ground. We needed a prototype to demo.

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Tagboard logomark

Tagboard Brand

The pressure was on to create a visual identity that would both establish and distinguish us in the market — and it had to stand the test of time.

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Screenshot of

Jesus Is

Inviting a city-wide conversation about the most controversial individual in the history of the world… it'll be fun, they said.

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The promise of social media was being drowned out by noise, so we built a way to tap the power of curation to find the signal.

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Missing moments because the camera is slow to launch… the stuff of nightmares for parents. That’s where Capture came in.

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Working within the strict constraints of the developer devkit, we set out to enable text message templates for iPhone.

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It wasn’t enough to digitize timeless and personalized Bible verses, we wanted to make them more accessible than ever with a native iPhone app.

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The City Church

Telling the greatest story ever told required more from me than I had to give. I had to grow.

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“Sean is one of the most multi-talented executives I have worked with — deep in product, marketing, design, brand, and optimization/conversion experience.”
Kevin Nakao

it's pronounced spurdy

…in America, at least

It’s French but according to Ancestry, I am not. Go figure.

I’m 38 years-old, married, and have four children. I love my family.

I was born and raised in Colorado and moved around a lot during my formative years — Florida, Georgia, Virgina — finally landing in Seattle, WA in 1998. I’ve been here ever since.

I’m a Christian. My faith is important to me, but I don’t consider myself religious.

My story

My professional career began as a teenager in 1995 with my first job designing yellow page advertisements for local businesses. Prior to that I’d dabbled with some graphic design as a hobby and had won a few logo design competitions.

For almost 12 years I helped lead digital and media productions at The City Church, where I launched several award-winning websites and campaigns, the most notable being “JESUS IS ____”, which was nationally recognized and inspired dozens of lookalike projects and installations.

During that time I also co-founded a side company called Sky Balloon, a small app development studio. We worked on over a dozen apps and shipped five. Our most popular app (with over 300k downloads) was a quick-launch video camera called Capture, which was featured on CNN, CNET, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Wired, and dozens of smaller publications and blogs.

In 2011, I left my career at the church to help start Tagboard, a social media software company. After creating the brand and product prototype, I assumed a Chief Product Officer role and helped lead a team of designers and developers to build, deliver, and manage the whole of Tagboard’s product. Later, I transitioned to a more central role in the company as Chief of Staff, providing coaching and support for the leadership team, as well as inside counsel for the rest of the organization worldwide.

He has an unmatched work ethic and attitude, and empowers and strengthens any team that he is on
—Josh Decker

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