Sean Sperte

Currently Chief Product Officer at Tagboard. I have over 20 years experience designing graphics, websites, interfaces, and presentations.

My last name is pronounced “spur-tee”, but I don’t really care if it’s mispronounced. It’s French – I’m French. Well, French-Irish-Jewish; a mutt of nationalities, really. This is what I look like:

Sean Sperte

I’m 34 years-old, happily married, and have a three awesome kids. I love my family. I’m a “family guy”.

I was born and raised in Colorado, but moved around a bunch during my teenage years. I now live in a suburb of Seattle, Washington.

In 2009, I co-founded a company called Sky Balloon with two friends. We develop iPhone apps in our spare time. Our most popular app, with over 300k downloads, is a quick-launch video camera called Capture.

In 2011, I left my career of almost 12 years to help start Tagboard, a social media curation platform based on the hashtag. I lead the product development team, and drive the product roadmap.