10 Mac apps

04 October 2005

Jon Hicks, of FireFox logo fame, has asked the world what their 10 favorite Mac apps are – barring the “professional” types like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Since I happen to have just such a list, I thought I’d share. Drumroll, please …

  1. Quicksilver - application launcher and so much more
  2. Transmit - FTP client that Apple could have designed themselves
  3. NewsFire - “Mac RSS with style” (preferred over NetNewsWire because of the ability to probe Safari for available feeds)
  4. FontExplorer X - font management utility with an iTunes feel
  5. MacStumbler - lightweight wireless network monitor
  6. TextWrangler - choice text editor for all things code
  7. VoodooPad - notes, journalling, and wiki
  8. Wallet - important data (passwords, serials, etc.) storage and management
  9. JHymn - Apple DRM stripper for purchased music (it’s my music once I buy it, don’t get me started)
  10. Camino - alternate web browser

And because most of those are already popular, here are some honorable mentions: