2007 Fantasy Draft Results

04 September 2007

Here’s my draft results from last night. I play in an IDP league with two starting QB’s (read: deep), and had the third pick. I had a couple of really dumb selections, but overall I’m satisfied with my team – especially considering our league’s unique scoring and roster settings.

  1. Peyton Manning (3)
  2. Tony Romo (18)
  3. Laurence Maroney (23)
  4. TJ Housh (38)
  5. Marion Barber (43)
  6. Santonio Holmes (58)
  7. Alex Smith (63)
  8. DJ Hackett (78)
  9. Charles Woodson (83)
  10. Ray Lewis (98)
  11. Devin Hester (103)
  12. Adalius Thomas (118)
  13. Dre’ Bly (123)
  14. Michael Turner (138)
  15. Najeh Davenport (143)
  16. Isaac Bruce (158)
  17. DeAngelo Hall (163)
  18. Damon Huard (178)
  19. Heath Miller (183)
  20. Shaun Phillips (198)
  21. Bart Scott (203)
  22. Matt Stover (218)

My 8th round pick is obviously a reach, but I’ve got a good feeling about DJ this year. I also got a lot of flack for the Santonio Holmes and Charles Woodson picks. Whatever. All the guys had their noses in their dated fantasy magazines while I was busy looking up live and accurate-to-our-league stats on my laptop. One guy (and I won’t name names) even drafted Corey Dillon (retired), Jared Allen (suspended), and Darrent Williams (dead).

The pick I regret most is the 15th round, Najeh Davenport. In fact, I’ve already dropped him in favor of Antwaan Randle El.

And I know your asking yourself, “why’d he draft 4 QB’s?” Good question. Let’s just say, it was intentional.~