Adobe Announces Creative Suite 3

27 March 2007

Adobe's CS3 Product GridToday Adobe announced Creative Suite 3. The accompanying product matrix makes even Microsoft’s Windows Vista version grid look simple. It’s a mess to sort out, even for a veteran Adobe user.

Visiting the product page I thought to myself, “it would be nice if they offered some sort of ‘select the products you use/need and we’ll show you which package to buy’ feature.” Further exploration revealed a handy Product Selector applet (Flash, of course) that seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Unfortunately, as soon as it was done pre-loading I realized it fell short; offering areas of design, rather than specific products for use.

Adobe's CS3 Product Finder applet

I think, Adobe, it’s safe to assume the majority of your consumers know which products they need already.

Needless to say, I attempted to fill out the “questionnaire” anyway – curious what product package would be recommended for my somewhat unique requirements. Here’s what I checked:

What was suggested? Of course! The mamma-jamma Master Collection, retailing for $2,500, with an upgrade cost for me (with my CS2 Standard license) of $1,999.

Let’s look at what I’d get with the Master Collection … no, better yet, let’s look at what I don’t need, but would still get with it:

… not to mention the various “shared features” I don’t use or need, such as Version Cue, Device Central, Acrobat Connect, Dynamic Link, etc.

Maybe I’ll just upgrade Photoshop.