Apple “enhances” PowerBooks

21 October 2005

Interesting word choice Apple is using for their HotNews article about the new PowerBooks. No upgrade, update or “new.” It’s “enhanced.”

I got a chance to play with an “enhanced” 15-inch PowerBook today and I must say it was nice. The extra pixels really do make a difference, and the trackpad (though not officially updated) felt a lot nicer and tracked better than mine – I have the 1.67ghz model, introduced earlier this year.

In my extremely professional lab test (turning off the lights and placing the two laptops next to each other), I concluded that the so-called increased brightness isn’t real-world evident. Meaning I couldn’t tell the difference.

But whatever. It’s probably the last “enhancement” this line will see, as most of the world is anxiously awaiting the dual-core or Intel PowerBooks.