09 March 2007

I’m supposed to be on a plane to Austin right now. As luck would have it, the church’s video switcher wasn’t working this morning as I attempted to give a run-down of operations to my stand-in for Sunday services. Quick and unsuccessful attempts to troubleshoot the problem led to a last-minute decision: I’m going to fly out after services, on Sunday afternoon.

I’ve been anticipating going to “Southby” for months. It’s a bummer that I can’t make the entire thing, but I completely understand the decision and need for me to stay. Actually, I feel better. I was beginning to feel anxious about leaving my (weekend) duties to someone else. Even though they’re capable, the system they must run is not – another story entirely.

So, for those I was expecting to meet up with at SXSW – namely Jesse – I’m sorry. The Wii playing and shop-talk will have to wait until Sunday.