FontExplorer X & Photoshop’s fonts

19 October 2005

I’ve been trying out FontExplorer X from LinoType and I’m impressed so far (remember, I included it in my 10 most favorite apps?). I love the iTunes-like interface and the price (it’s, ahem, free). I must admit that when I first installed it I was a little confused as to how it managed fonts so I immediately reverted back to FontBook – I was under a deadline and had to have access to the fonts I needed immediately.

Now, after about a month of use, I’m still a bit confused. How come FE doesn’t manage Adobe Photoshop’s bundled fonts (stored in Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts/)? So my copy of NewsGothic is different from Photoshop’s one? How come there’s two in my font menu? Should I go ahead and remove the bundled fonts from that location manually, and import them into FontExplorer? Should I leave them alone? I don’t understand.

Font management sucks. I kinda liked it better with FontBook (gasp!).