FontExplorer X followup

20 October 2005

Thanks to Jesse, I’ve had somewhat of a breakthrough with my font situation. I’m now proud to report that my fonts are all organized, optimized and dutifully managed via FontExplorer X.

I think what it took was a little trust on my part. See, when a user’s so used to managing files the hard way, once a new (more intuitive) method is introduced to them, they sometimes have to unlearn what they’ve known to be the right way. I experienced this the first time I installed iTunes (version 1). “You mean it actually manages the song files for me using the ID3 information?!” I thought. Yes. And FontExplorer does the same, only with fonts. Imagine that.

Now instead of managing the actual font files in the Finder, all I’m doing is organizing them inside FontExplorer, and letting the program handle the dirty work. The key for me was allowing FE to manage my files by moving them. It felt a bit like letting go of the reins, but once I did it, my 1000+ font collection became much more manageable.