FontExplorer X Pro and Snow Leopard

03 September 2009

Update: Monotype Imaging has updated FontExplorer X Pro to work with Snow Leopard now.

There are some incompatibilities with the current release of FontExplorer X Pro and Snow Leopard. I wish I had time to research and accurately document all of them; I don’t. However, I know of at least two reproducible ones:

  1. The “Clean System Font Folders” function attempts to disable protected fonts (as previously reported)

  2. Fonts activated by FontExplorer X Pro which are not located in one of the default system font folders will not be available to the system-wide Fonts panel after a restart or re-login

A simple workaround for the second item is to launch FontExplorer X Pro, deactivate, then reactivate the fonts you want to be available to the Fonts panel.

I emailed Linotype about these issues and received a reply promising a new version of FontExplorer X Pro soon. To the question about whether or not the above workaround is the best way to ‘get by’ right now, they said this:

Our development department is trying to solve all compatibility issues as soon as possible and update a new version of FontExplorer X Pro. Please use this workaround until we fix this issue.

No release date or additional details about the update were given. So, I guess we just wait.