Fourbucks Desktop

19 October 2006

fourbucks_preview.jpgAfter the recent (and subtle) price increase at Starbucks, my drink now comes to $3.90. Factor in the occasional toffee almond bar, and I’m spending an average of $5 every time I have a coffee craving in the middle of the day. What’s worse, lately, since we’ve run out of coffee for my barista machine at home1, I’ve been visiting the big SB in the mornings as well.

So it’s with an aching wallet and bruised checking account that I whipped up this desktop picture – designed to sit as a reminder that, yes, gasoline for your body costs more than gasoline for your car.

At the risk of lawsuit and/or not-friendliness from the coffee corp itself, I now offer it to you, the world. Why? Because I care.


1 We normally get a hookup from one of our many friends/family who work for Starbucks.