Full mailbox

01 April 2006

As if I needed a clearer picture of how busy my life is at the moment: The Wife™ and I returned home tonight from a church prayer meeting and (finally) checked our mailbox. (You know, the postal service one … by the side of the road … non-electronic.) It’s probably been a month since we last got the mail.

On top of the half-foot stack of mail was a friendly notice saying our mailbox was too full, and that all mail would be held (as of 3/22) at the local branch office for ten days; and after that, returned to sender. Yikes! Ten days from the notice is, uhm, today!

You want to know the irony of it all? The entire stack of mail we pulled tonight was, as you may have guessed, ALL JUNK MAIL.

So, not only was I reminded how busy we really are, but also how much I hate regular mail. The real question now is, do we actually care if all our mail is returned?