Got my iPhone!

31 July 2007

Me and my new iPhone (box)Well, folks, I got my iPhone (courtesy of my generous and empathetic parents)! I’ll [hopefully] have a more detailed review later, but I can’t help but post a few initial thoughts. Keep in mind I’ve already had a month to play with friends’ iPhones.

  1. The AT&T sales rep said of the 490+ iPhones they’ve sold, only three had been returned – two for replacements, one because the owner couldn’t leave Verizon without breaking his contract.
  2. My absolute favorite feature so far is the iPod muting when a call comes in.
  3. If it wasn’t already clear to me, now I absolutely understand how 1.0 this software is – there’s no chance of listening to the iPod while surfing MobileSafari until a software update comes.