09 September 2006

I’m not sure it’s humanly possible to go your entire life without having one of those “doh!” moments. You know, the ones where you wish you had a time machine and could go back in time to right before you said that stupid thing, or wrote that stupid sentence, or tripped while running to first base on a base-on-balls? Sure, there are some who experience these times in lesser frequency than the rest of us, but it still happens to them … right?

I bring this up only because even though I recognize this fact, I still live in an ongoing attempt to avoid such moments, yet have recently (seemingly) failed miserably. Whether I’m just being hard on myself or I am, indeed, becoming a walking, talking nincompoop is uncertain. (I’ll leave that judgement up to my wife and the rest of the world.)

Let’s just say that if I had that time machine, I’d be putting some miles on it right about now. I’ll not go into detail (mostly because I still value what dignity I have left), but I will say that as a husband, this year I’ve basically used up the alloted grace period automatically given to my gender upon marriage … for a lifetime. Sure, I didn’t forget the anniversary – date – but did I plan anything for it? No. And of course I didn’t forget her birthday – it’s the day after mine – but did I get her anything? No. Headsmack!

At work you’d think I’d do better, and judging from the outside you could say I’ve been pretty successful this year: I launched two new websites (1, 2), a top-ranked video podcast, and have advanced the media of the church by leaps and bounds. But life at work hasn’t been all strawberries and cream. My mouth (or fingers, I should say) have landed me in trouble a couple of times, and I’ve had to apologize, clarify, straighten out and fix more than ever. Headsmack!

One of those “doh!” moments even came today as I was working on a redesign of this site. I happened upon several of my older entries and read them again. Ugh. Do you ever read what you wrote and just hate it? Honestly, if it weren’t for my commitment to keeping the past in pure form, I’d go back and rewrite half the entries on this blog! Headsmack!

It’s not that bad

Okay, I’m not having some sort of a masochistic rant-fest here. It’s not all that bad, and I’m sure some of you have better (or worse) stories to illustrate the Headsmack Effect even better than I. I’m really not too tripped up when a “doh!” moment happens, and I usually am able to laugh at myself …

I suppose that’s mostly because my wife picks up whatever slack I’ve created, though.