How I Rate My Music

07 June 2008

Screenshot of iTunes PlaylistsA proper (read as “useful”) method for rating my music – with stars, in iTunes – has eluded me ever since the feature was introduced. Here’s a new method I’m trying; which I couldn’t fit into a 140-character Tweet:

My goal is to rate every song in my library with this system. Unrated songs will be left unchecked, and won’t play in shuffle mode or get transferred to my iPhone. I’m starting by rating entire albums, or at least those I can, confidentially.

Coupled with data iTunes records automatically (e.g. play count, times skipped, etc.), ratings can prove very helpful in fulfilling preference. For instance, finding songs that I love but haven’t played in a while could be as easy as creating a Smart Playlist that matches checked songs that:

That Playlist returned just under 400 great songs I’d either forgotten about, or haven’t listened to in months! I’m rediscovering my music.