I’m DUN with it!

30 August 2005

With my new Treo 650, Bluetooth, and [medium]-speed dial-up networking, I’m now fully-mobile. Even in the office! It took a little bit, but I got DUN working on my new Palm Treo 650. I can now access the internet on my laptop wherever I have cellular service using EDGE speeds. In the Seattle area, that means an average of 90kbps, which is slighly higher than bearable …

However, today I welcome such meager speeds. Our office internet connection has been crummy all day – literally stopping and starting, and always slow. Sites never fully load, connections to servers fail or get dropped, RSS feeds return “invalid,” etc. It’s a web developer’s worst frustration – available but horrible internet access.

Enter DUN.

It’s a sad (but happy at the same time) day when your mobile phone gives better performance than your office network.