iPhone Update, September ’07

27 September 2007

Apple’s released what they’re calling the “September ‘07” update to the iPhone software. Included in the update is the iTunes WiFi Music Store, and the option to set a home-button, double-tap, to a function.

There are obvious speed and performance enhancements (especially with the SMS application launching), and perhaps some bug and security fixes, but I’m really disappointed there is little attention paid to the “glaring omissions” or quirks. For instance, there’s still no way to send an SMS message to multiple recipients.

Some of my other observations:

Overall, the update feels more solid than 1.0.2, but lacks the new features/apps I was expecting. I mean, I sort of assumed the 4th row on the home screen would be filled, rather than having the iTunes Store icon just sort of sticking out there (they could have at least put it on the left). I guess it’s only a point update, so I shouldn’t have set my expectations so high.

Update: MacRumors.com has a comprehensive list of the new features:

I bolded those items which were probably highly requested. Notice I didn’t bold much.