It’s Apple, After All

06 September 2007

Some random stories of why Apple is still great, and why the momentary questioning of said greatness I had yesterday was premature at best:

  1. I had a friend bring his older iBook to me last week. The hard drive had died and I wasn’t able to recover it or any of the data. The machine was out of warranty, he told me, but I suggested he take it to the local Apple Store and get their opinion.

    When he showed up the Genius recognized him from church and told him they’d take care of it. Turns out the machine was just a few weeks past its Apple Care coverage expiration, and the Genius was able to “work something out”.

  2. A co-worker brought his iPod nano to me – it had a broken screen, and looked like it’d been sat on. The co-worker swore he didn’t drop it or sit on it, so I (again) suggested he take it to Apple.

    He returned the next day with a smile on his face. Apple had replaced the nano, no questions asked.

  3. Dave Shea, who lives in Vancouver, Canada, visited Seattle last week and bought an iPhone at a local Apple Store. Yesterday he was – ahem – surprised to find out the iPhone’s price had dropped. Since he was still within the 14 day period, he only needed to return and buy back the iPhone for a $200 credit … but he lives 4 hours away.

    Today he Twittered: “Hi, Apple Store Seattle? Can’t make it back in, I can haz refund?” “Sure, over the phone we can get you back $200”. “Yay!”

So, now that we’ve got all that nasty “does Apple really care about us, or do they just want to make money?” garbage out of the way, let’s get back to those awesome product announcements from yesterday …