iTunes variable pricing

27 November 2005

For the record, if Apple caves and begins selling songs in a variable pricing scheme, I’ll turn back to Aquisition or LimeWire. The reason I don’t buy CD’s anymore is not because I’m stealing music; it’s because I’m buying the music (or more accurately, the songs) I want at a fixed price.

Apple has achieved a very, very nice balance for music purchasing. I’m not bothered (too much) by the DRM embedded in each song I buy, and I don’t mind paying $0.99 per song. Up that price, though, or change the DRM limitations, and I’m out like trout. I don’t mind saying I’m on the edge and could tip at the slightest shift in environment.

To Apple directly I say this: I understand you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You want to offer me the best and widest range of content to me at a great price, but those [edited] record labels keep tugging at your money pockets and driving you nuts. Well don’t listen to them. Since when have they done anything for you? Remember, you are who you are not because of the iPod but because of your ideas. You just keep doing what you’re doing – putting the music industry through digital rehabilitation – and let the record labels cough and hack until they’re “well” again.