29 August 2014

It turns out, hosting a blog on Tumblr doesn’t help motivate more writing or posting. That, plus the fact that I’ve been meaning to learn about new publishing systems, means it’s time to move things back “in-house”. So I’m back to hosting Geek & Mild myself. Well, not myself technically.

For this version I’ve chosen to revive a previous design and use Jekyll – hosted on Github Pages. I lost some Tumblr posts along the way, but I ain’t cryin’.

The process to port the site wasn’t too bad. I used a lot of Brian Warren’s tips from his post about porting ExpressionEngine to Kirby. Converting all my previous blog entries was a bit of a chore, but the hardest part was learning the Jekyll templating language. (I still haven’t really learned it, actually.)

What I like about this setup is it allows me to draft and publish new posts in a familiar way to which I work: write, save, commit (via git). Once I ‘commit’, git and Jekyll (and Github Pages) do the rest.

Incidentally, Geek & Mild is now open source, so if you’re interested in seeing how I’ve got things hooked up you can peruse the code – for now a least.