17 May 2006

I’m sure you’ve heard, but Apple announced the successor to their iBook line of consumer portables on Tuesday, the MacBook. We knew this one was coming, but it’s still nice to see it happen … finally.

Speaking of finally, I took a break this afternoon/evening to head to my local Apple Store to get my grubby hands on one – a full DAY AND A HALF after they were announced. It felt like an eternity, let me tell you.

Impressions? Slick. Slick as in “not quite sexy, but still cool enough to make your PC friends drooly-jealous”. While the white variation is only slightly more cool than the original iBook, the black is exceptionally “slick”.

And yes, Martin. I Approve™.

In a similar vein, I’m currently using and, in fact, writing this entry on a brand new, 2.0ghz MacBook Pro; and loving it. This thing really screams. Especially at the simple stuff like launching and switching apps, organizing files, surfing the web, etc.

So long story-short – I get to “borrow” it for 4-8 weeks while my wife’s laptop is being repaired by Fujitsu. Word to the wise: It pays to get the extended warranties on PC’s. ;)

Impressions, reviews and thoughts on the MBP later.