Myriad Network

11 November 2006

MediaTempleIt might be vain, but I judge web hosts by their websites. That’s why I’ve always admired Their site is positively sexy attractive, and it makes them look like a luxury automobile dealership – not rack-mounted server solution. I guess that’s why it seems all the cool designers use them. From Zeldmen to Bowmen to K10K, the list goes on. MediaTemple is to web hosting as Bono is to rock stars.

That’s also why, since they announced their Grid Server hosting solution, I’ve been really tempted to switch to them. Previously their cheapest plan was almost three times what I pay now, and offered half the benefits.

Greener Grass

Myriad Network

My current host is Myriad Network, and even though I’ve used probably a dozen or so web hosts, I’ve never been happier with one. Their server technologies, transfer speeds, support response, and competitive plan rates are all top-notch.

I first signed up with them for The City Church’s multiple sites, but was so impressed after just a few months of service that I moved all my family’s personal sites onto a shared plan. It’s been nothing but a great experience since.

Still, as happy as I’ve been with them, I’ve never stopped looking for other hosting possibilities. I think it’s a habit I developed back in the 90’s or something – and hey, I’m not as bad as some people I know (you know who you are). I guess the grass is always greener.

Ready, Set, Reliable

Now, in the 18 months I’ve been with Myriad there have only been three instances of server issues, and only with VDS The City Church sites are on, not with our shared plan. Two of the issues were outages that had been planned and expected. The other issue was a slow down as a result of our server getting pounded after launching the GCTV podcast.

I got into work that day to find the server crawling and immediately emailed Myriad’s support address. Fifteen minutes later the server was back up to speed. Actually felt even faster than it had previous. I don’t know what they did, but it worked.

Whatever It Takes

We have a motto at the church: “Whatever it takes.” Today I learned that the guys at Myriad must share the same motto.

To make a long story short, I accidentally erased a stylesheet file that I was editing live, on the server. The file was the homepage styles for the GC site … so it was pretty dang important. (No, I didn’t have a backup and no, I couldn’t find a cached version.)

Needless to say, I was pretty frustrated and couldn’t think of a solution. As a last-ditch, desperate attempt, I emailed Myriad support. I was assuming the worst, but received this quick response, literally five minutes after I had hit send (at 8:30pm EST, mind you):


We should be able to provide a backup for you.

I need your domain / IP, username and password, along with the exact path to the file in question.


What the –? I knew they did nightly backups, but I always just assumed that was just for another bullet on their server selling points, not as a real-life, practical solution!

Twenty minutes later – even after dealing with my inability to provide them with the correct file path (I tried winging it twice) – they were able to recover the file! How awesome is that?

In fact, I don’t think there has been a time when I’ve send an email to their support team that hasn’t been promptly answered. Whether it was a problem I had created or something to do with a third-party application running on the server, they’ve always been very gracious and helpful. Literally, they’ve done whatever it took to make sure a solution was found.

So if you’re looking for a quality, reliable web host with awesome technical support, look no further. I highly recommend Myriad Network.