On DS Lite Ownership

21 July 2006

It’s been about 6 weeks since I ditched my PSP and got myself a real game-playing portable device: The Nintendo DS Lite. How has it held up to my expectations as an admitted non-gamer, gadget-saavy, tech-head? Unbelievably. I can’t stop raving about this thing. From the form factor, to the fun and exciting gameplay, to the incredible ease-of-use, to the awesome feature set (with an almost over-the-counter feel), I’m quite convinced the DS Lite is a must-have for anyone. I’m talking to you. Yes, you. You’re anyone, right? Go now, do yourself a favor, and pick up a DS Lite.

Not convinced? Well my good friend Matt is. He was a hard-core PSP owner, with tons of games. Shortly after I picked up my DS Lite and showed it off a bit, he sold his PSP and games (plus a UMD movie), and hasn’t looked back. This is the guy who convinced me to get a PSP and was against me selling it when I did.

Not convinced? Well my grandma is. She picked up her DS Lite about three weeks ago (by my advice) and now has at least 4 games and some accessories. She just emailed me to ask when I’d be over to meet her new puppy – apparently she got Nintendogs.

Not convinced? Well my wife is. She actually hasn’t picked one up yet because we’re waiting for the pink version – but she asks to play mine all the time. She loves it.

Not convinced yet? Okay, lightning round:

So … convinced yet? Of course you are. You’re not even reading this, you’re on your way to Target or GameSpot to pick one up now, right?

See Play ya online. (Don’t forget to practice your snaking.)