One of a Kind

06 September 2007

I posted a satire “translation from PR-speak” article tonight, but couldn’t sleep knowing I’d just mocked one of the greatest letters I’d ever read. I had referenced the letter Steve Jobs wrote to all the early customers of the iPhone, and attempted to humanize his words even more than they already were – which in of itself proved quite difficult. I couldn’t sleep on it though, and removed the post just minutes ago.

After laying in bed thinking about it, I realized how unique the really letter was. First, that a CEO of any company would write with such candor and humility is amazing. Jobs has done it before, with his thoughts on DRM, but this was different. He was apologizing; and not privately, but in front of the whole world.

What made the letter even more special was the offer that accompanied it. Consider the statement he made during the music event on Wednesday, that Apple is on track to sell their one-millionth iPhone this month. Now consider multiplying that number by 100. Let’s just say, for example, that Apple will be giving away 600,000 store credits in the amount of $100 each. That’s $60M worth of “sorry”, and plenty of “we owe you one”.

Think about that. What other company has ever come close to voluntarily giving that kind of money back to its customers? Apple truly is one of a kind.

(By the way, I’d just like to mention that I wrote this entire post on my iPhone.)