Read Ability

08 June 2010

Though it wasn’t mentioned in yesterday’s WWDC keynote, Safari was updated to version 5, and now has a faster JavaScript engine, Bing support, and a cool new plain-text article view based on Arc90’s excellent ‘Readability’, called Reader.

The Arc90 team distributes the core Readability script as open-source under the Apache 2.0 license. I just happen to know about that, don’t ask me why. Which means Apple was able to integrate it into Safari with little effort and no collaboration with Arc90. In fact, Arc90 didn’t know Readability was being used until after Safari 5 was released:

We’ve since discovered that Safari’s “Reader” feature is, in fact, based upon our own Readability.

Apple does acknowledge Arc90/Readability in Safari’s acknowledgements, which is cool. It’s just funny to me that Apple didn’t even notify them.

So anyway, hypothetically, if there was a beautiful iPad browser that, among other cool features, had a ‘Reader’ view, would you want it to [continue to be developed and] be released, even if Mobile Safari will likely have said ‘Reader’ view in the future?