02 February 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to my new lil’ friend: Reepicheep.

3616 Reepicheep

(Named, of course, after the heroic mouse from the Narnia series.)

It was meant to be

I’d been debating the purchase of one of the new colored shuffles all week (well, since the announcement anyway) and happened by my local Apple Store last night. It must’ve been the RDF that sucked me in because five minutes later I found myself back outside the store, iPod shuffle in hand, and $85.95 poorer.

As for my impressions thus far, I can say that I’m mostly impressed with the accompanying earbuds that Apple has supplied. They are an upgrade to the standard iPod earbuds, and were introduced when the 2nd generation nano was unveiled. They’re much more comfortable to wear, have a shorter length cable, and have slightly better sound quality. After using them for a full day now I would recommend them to anyone, even for the $29.99 retail price!


You’re right, by the way, if you’re thinking, “but don’t you already have a perfectly good iPod nano?” The truth is, I have no need for it. Not only do I already own an iPod, but I also intend on buying an iPhone (also a wide-/touch-screen iPod) come June. Even I don’t need that diverse of a gadget lineup.

Still, therein lies my reasoning. Bear with me here.

The iPhone will replace my iPod nano – by the way, anyone looking to buy a nearly-perfect, white, 4GB iPod nano? – and take its place as player for podcasts, favorite songs, and specific playlists. It will also store the latest episode of The Office.

Reepicheep, then, will be my “work iPod.” I’ll load it up at the beginning of my work day with tunes I think fit my mood and will drive my creativity. I tried it out today, and even though the novelty of owning a new iPod affected my overall opinion, I thought it served its purpose great. In fact, I finally kicked out some logo comps that have been months-due. Yay for creativity!

If only’s

Now, if only I could keep the iPod’s playlist in the source list. To me, that feature was one of the benefits the shuffle models offered. When did that go away?

Also, if only I didn’t have to use the (included) dock to sync with my Mac. The standard USB connector on the first-gen shuffles was definitely under-appreciated.

And, if only I loved the orange color without condition. I chose orange, but only because it was the new, trendy, cool-kid color. In reality, I would have been just as happy with green, blue or silver. Heck, even the pink one is pretty hot. Like I said, I want them all!

After all, there are five days of the work week, and I need all the creativity I can get!