Show Me The VIRB: Knock

17 February 2007

Update: This contest is dead. I’m just giving away invites now. Aren’t I nice?

Welcome to the first installment of the Show Me The VIRB contest! Very similar to Joshua’s deal, the rules are simple: Show me the verb I want to see, and I give you the VIRB you want to see.

This week’s theme: Knock.


  1. Snap a photo illustrating the contest verb.

    Be creative. It could be you or someone you know performing said verb, or could be the verb from a different perspective.

  2. Upload the photo to Flickr or your photo-sharing website of choice.

  3. Link to your submission in the comments.

    Use Textile’s linking formatting if you want. Example: “Here’s my submission”:

The top three submissions will get an invite to VIRB, as well as fame and glory and their wildest dreams come true1. Judging of the submissions will be done by yours truly and The Wife.

If, for some reason, you don’t have the means to take a digital photo, and/or upload it, you can substitute a word-only, essay answer. You’re required to replace a verb (or number of verbs) from a famous quotation with the theme verb from the contest. For instance:

To knock, or not to knock. That is the question.

… only it better be more creative than that.


No offensive or otherwise un-funny submissions will be accepted. The contest will conclude next Sunday, February 25th. If should happen to go live in the middle of the contest … no hard feelings. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

1 I am not responsible for the fame and glory and wildest dreams coming true.