That Which Needs Work

12 May 2006

I’m not a negative person, so don’t let the latest of my writings fool you. Still, I’ve gotta get some of this stuff off my chest and I figure my blog is a good place to do that. You don’t mind do you? So, as pleased with the redesign as I am, there’s still some portions of the new TCC site that have been left undone, frustrate me, or even make me cringe. Since most of my readership here are web developers, designers, or saavy web-surfers, I thought I’d lift the rug and show the dirty underneath – as a sort of behind-the-scenes, help-me-out-if-you-can, yes-I’m-human-too thing. So, without further ado …

That, of the TCC redesign, which needs work:

  1. The favicon. Please. Have you ever SEEN a dumber favicon?
  2. The events calendar. I’ve had it with EasyPHPCalendar. I’m ready for Google Calendar’s API already. (Update: Okay so they’ve got an API, now I just need someone to write an EE module for it.)
  3. Event registration. I don’t think ANY of the forms validate, and they’re all horribly built. And not only do I not have the time to fix them, I’m having to add to the mess with new registrations going up this weekend!
  4. IE’s rendering of list items and, more specifically, the footer. Where do I begin with this one? Why, oh why, does IE insist on adding whitespace to list items? Try as I may, I can’t seem to get the sitemap to appear correctly in IE. Then there’s the issue of the sitemap somehow dropping off/out of the footer area. ARGH!
  5. The members section. I had such high hopes for this section of the site … Where did April go, by the way?
  6. The events calendar. Yes, again. The list on the homepage of upcoming events is powered by the same system, which sucks even more when in displayed in “list mode”.
  7. The lack of inline images. I think the site really lacks in the “this is what our church looks and feels like” department. We need a professional photographer on staff, for sure.
  8. Pastor’s Perspectives blog. I really wish I could’ve made this better than it is. Sure simple is good, but to me it just looks thrown together (uh, probably because it was).
  9. Print stylesheet. This one needs work mostly because it doesn’t exist. Ahem.
  10. RSS feed(s). Again with the doesn’t exist stuff. My goal here would be to have one main feed with literally everything on the site – audio archives, news, volunteer opportunities, comments, etc. – listed in reverse-chronological order. I think this may require some sort of not-yet-created module for EE, though. I’d also like to have singular feeds for each database.
  11. Ministries’ profiles. The ministries page in the about section really needs work. Honestly, each and every ministry of the church could have it’s own website, as they’re all so active, impacting and important.

Notice anything else that needs work?