The MacBook Pro

11 January 2006

I’ve read several reactions to yesterday’s keynote, most of which are positive concerning the MacBook Pro (and other new offerings from Apple), but there’s also a low rumble of complaint against the name of “MacBook Pro.” Just to get readers up to speed, here’s what the MacBook Pro really is:

So that’s the MacBook Pro. Of course, I want one.

Steve Jobs said something key during the … uh – keynote. He said “we wanted all of our product line to have the name ‘Mac’ in its title.” This tells you that the name was deeply considered before it was adopted. Other names have been suggested by the Mac community, but there are problems with each:

So, when you really think about it the name makes sense … and it’s starting to grow on me.

More of my thoughts soon.

UPDATE: I came across a thread on the Apple Discussions site in which one person had a great recommendation for the new laptop name: Macintosh ProBook. Now that’s a solid product name. Fits the bill, gets it done. Apple, are you listening?