The pen tool

05 December 2005

I’m taking an Illustrator class right now. It’s a two-day crash course that I registered for almost three month ago; I would have completely spaced it out except for I got a reminder email last week from the school. I’ve taken these type of crash courses before so I knew what to expect today when I arrived. The room is small, which is a nice fit for the 8 of us enrolled. They put me on a Mac mini (with a Dell monitor), which I was surprised to find was somewhat snappy during the 8-hour training. I did, of course, what any well-mannered Mac fanatic would do as soon as I hopped on the machine: Checked the specs. They had put in 1GB of RAM and outfitted the thing with an AirPort card and Bluetooth. I had to change the resolution from the standard 1024x768 … what were they thinking? It’s an Illustrator class!

The instructor is knowledgable and friendly enough, and most of my classmates are keeping up well. Since my pen tool skillz have been on permanent campout in Suckville, I’m taking some of the extra time I have during the class (after finishing the exercises in half the time allotted) to polish them up.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m learning a lot and having a good time – I’ve just used Adobe products and Photoshop’s paths so much that most of the stuff being taught (so far) is review. Most of the stuff we covered today is almost second nature to me already. I’m sure I’ll be a bit more challenged tomorrow, as we begin more complex techniques.

Here’s a flower I made for my wife when I got home:

Illustration of a flower

It took about 90 seconds.