Thin, big and bold

26 August 2005

The time has come. You may now mark your calendars – Sean has officially gone beyond a simple splash screen and launched an actual (linking, breathing?) website. Content may be lacking, but she packs a punch underneath. Welcome to, version 1.0. I’m writing this at 3:15am after three days of coding and tweaking (obviously, only in my free time). Wow, I’m really tired now … But not as tired as I am of those stupid “coming soon” splash screens I was previously offering.

This site will be my personal space to geek-out and act like a 14-year old hacker kid. I’ve already provided a few links that support this cause. Now there’s no reason for me to bog down CommentSense – my wife and my other blog – with senseless techno-jargon and Photoshop tutorials. I can do that all right here now, isn’t that great?!

(Speaking of geeking-out, I’m sitting here in bed with my laptop and my wife just rolled over in bed, looked at me and sighed. I just realized what I’m doing, and I’m wondering what in the heck motivates this kind of behavior.)

Well, I’ll likely provide more details about the site in later posts. Until then, though, why don’t you try out the comment form and tell me what you think. If you’ve gotta suggestion, now’s the time to share.

Semi-important disclaimer: So far, I’ve only tested on Safari 2.0 and FireFox running Mac OS 10.4. I’ll get around to making sure it’s decent in IE6/PC (as in, the content can actually be seen) someday. Either that or I’ll just stick a big fat notice at the top of every page encouraging a switch to FireFox.