Think Twice About Buying an iPhone?

08 February 2007

According to Computer World we’re supposed to think twice about buying an iPhone. They’ve provided eight reasons, some of which are good thoughts – but there’s a lot of misinformation, too.

One of the big criticisms of the iPhone is that it will only support 2G data service

Actually, it supports 2.5G (EDGE) data and automatically switches to WiFi were available. I guess it’s just me, but I find open wireless networks just about everywhere I go now.

Consider how cramped that space will be if you want to store and watch video on your iPhone

Yes, consider that, because you can’t fit nearly as much as you can on your laptop, HDTV or DVD shelving. Com’on, guys, it’s a phone.

[…] if you typically opt for an entry-level or more basic phone, you may find that you won’t use all of those features

This under the warning for if you’re an “entry-level” user. First of all, they’ve obviously forgotten their audience. Secondly, I’d like to see an “entry-level phone user” pick up an iPhone and start to use it compared to picking up, say, a Sony Ericsson J110.

Do you need more features or applications on your phone?

… then the iPhone isn’t designed for you anyway, weirdo.

While many smart phones can interact with Exchange servers, the iPhone cannot

Wow. Flat-out wrong. Sure they go on to mention the iPhone’s “basic POP/IMAP mail access” on Exchange Servers, but with a statement like that they’re purposefully misleading people.

The iPhone announced last month isn’t likely to be the only iPhone that Apple will produce. It seems almost certain, based on statements from both Cingular and Apple, that future iPhone models will be released […] If you feel that this first iPhone is too expensive, too limited or just isn’t for you, keep in mind that over the next year or two, there may be a model that will be more appealing.

Okay, good point. If you’re not an early adopter you may want to sit this one out.