Virb Invites

23 February 2007

Okay my contest didn’t work out so well. Either a) no one’s interested in, or b) I haven’t the readership to support a contest to give out invitations to it. The latter I can deal with, and completely understand. The hype surrounding Virb is such, though, that I would think anyone who’s at all interested in social networking, Web 2.0, independent music, new media or any other buzz word, would be interested in seeing Virb for themselves.

VIRB sneak peak

I can only conclude, then, that the cost is perceived as too great. Well, let me fix that: Want an invite to Virb? Just ask.

Update: Still have a bunch of invites, but I’m going to begin giving them away to people I know off the internets. Now or never, people!

Update 2: She lives! VIRB is now open to the public, so go signup, add me as a friend, and commit myspacecide.