Waiting on the MacBook Pro

13 February 2008

MacBook Pro mockup by 'bayol05' of MacRumors forumsIt was with disbelief and frustration that I read this statement in an article published on MacRumors ten days ago (emphasis mine):

While the new MacBook Pros will likely incorporate only modest updates (Penryn and Multi-Touch), with their imminent release, its hard to justify the purchase of the current 8 month old models.

I’d just hit “Submit” on an order for a MacBook Pro just 15 minutes earlier – after a furious internal debate over waiting or not. I knew revisions for the pro-line machines were coming, but with my current PowerBook G4 (early-2005) acting more like a boat anchor than a productivity tool, and with a demanding work schedule and task-list, I felt I couldn’t wait any longer.

That statement shook me, though. It’s hard to justify the purchase of the current 8 month old models. It echoed in my head and haunted me for the rest of the evening – until I decided it was true. It was hard to justify it. In fact, it was too hard, so I cancelled my order.

Now I’m waiting, credit card in hand, for … well, I don’t know. Based on the rumors, it sounds like the new MacBook Pros will have new, Penryn processors, feature the new multi-touch trackpad (as found on the MacBook Air), and possibly have a new enclosure and/or a black keyboard.

To me, none of those items are worth waiting for. Since I’m upgrading from a PPC G4, I’m apathetic to a processor update – I’d be happy with a 2GHz Core Duo right now. I couldn’t care less about the multi-touch trackpad. And a new enclosure is actually potentially bad for me, as I’ve happily touted a 15-inch, aluminum laptop around for years.

So, really, I guess I’m waiting for two reasons: (1) so I don’t buy a brand new laptop that is practically obsolete the day it’s delivered, and (2) in case Apple introduces a next-generation MacBook Pro instead of just a revision to the current one.

At least I don’t feel alone in my particular campaign. Hundreds (if not, thousands) of others are also waiting on the new MacBook Pros. Based on what I’ve read, these are serious buyers, not just fanboys who can’t wait to see what Apple has up their sleeve. With the MacBook Air missing a niche market of professional users, you can almost smell the money people are ready to throw at Apple for a new, full-featured laptop.

[Photo credit: Photoshop mockup by “bayol05” of MacRumors forums.]