What’s 22GB’s Anyway, Right?

15 September 2006

blacknano.jpg22 gigabytes. That’s basically all you’re giving up by getting the 8GB black iPod nano (still a lowercase ‘N’, by the way). Well, there’s that and the video playback. And the games. And the bigger screen.

But besides that, you’re getting the same great music player. Right?

I’ll end my sarcasm for a moment; just long enough to point out that as of last Tuesday, you’ll pay the same price for a 30GB video iPod as you will for a nano with less than half the storage, no video functionality, smaller screen, and no color options.

Apparently they think we’re dumb, blinded consumer folk who will gladly give up all that for a fancy, anodized-aluminum, thinner-than-a-pencil, as-small-as-a-business-card case. Sure.

(Oh, man, I want one so bad.)