When You Need Inspiration

06 September 2005

As a creative professional (it sounds more glamorous than it is) I’m in constant need of inspiration. Normally I don’t lack in this area, as admiring the design of others usually produces just the flicker I need to get the creative flame burnin’. Such was the case with the redesign I just did for my wife and my site, CommentSense. But what happens when the juices just don’t flow, and the creative well has run dry? I suppose it could be as a result of the recent happenings in our country, or maybe the type of project I’ve been given; whatever it is, I’m finding myself in a completely foreign place, devoid of motivation and inspiration. Which really sucks because the project is due (yes, due) this weekend. Of course there’s no way I’m going to make the deadline, but I’ve got to “give them something.”

Without going into details, the project is simply a redesign of a website. So far I think I’m at 7 or 8 homepage mockups – none of which I love. As far as IA I’m about as far behind as you can get (is there a negative?). I’ve been given a lot of creative liberty so you’d think I’d be a blitzing tornado of ideas and design. Hardly. This is even a project I’m actually passionate about. Still, no matter what I do, I cannot nail even a design style.

So, what do you do when you need inspiration? I’m open to ideas – really. I’ve already tried my repertoire:

… and I’m still coming up empty.