Hello. I’m Sean.

I design brand stories and
product experiences.

I am currently on a new initiatives team at Remitly, helping build and market a new money management app for immigrants called Passbook.

Passbook card and app on an iPhone

Passbook is the first physical Remitly product. I designed the debit card, and in the process learned about plastic card manufacturing, technology, and personalization.

Screenshots of the Passbook app and user experience, including a sign up screen, a transfer confirmation screen, and a card management screen

I design the UX/UI for the Passbook app: from signup and onboarding, to account management, to money movement, and everything in between.

A sample of an ad for Passbook showing a fee table with nothing but zeros Another sample of an ad for Passbook showing the Messages app with a notication badge and the Passbook app with a notification badge with a dollar sign in it Another sample of an ad for Passbook showing the Passbook card and a title of 'No fees*' Another sample of an ad for Passbook showing three falling Passbook cards

I also help oversee creative design, for content and marketing collateral.

In 2011, I co-founded Tagboard, a social media presentation tool. After designing and building the first prototype, I moved into a product leadership role, and helped recruit and manage a team of both designers and developers.

A Tagboard screen hangs over beautiful Audi cars at an automobile expo in LA A Tagboard screen shows social media at a sporting event with tens of thousands in attendance

Tagboard became an essential part of the social media ecosystem, providing a safe and easy way for organizations to display user-generated content in branded experiences, both digitally and in real-world venues.

The Tagboard homepage, circa 2015 Tagboard logos

→ ↓
Tagboard’s visual identity needed to strike a balance between trendy and timeless. I created a mark that integrated the hash symbol (#) and a lowercase T. I also created an accompanying brand guide, which included tone of voice.

Early sketches and iterations of the Tagboard design Screenshot of the original Tagboard prototype interface

I built the initial Tagboard prototype in a weekend using a CMS and some extensions. We used it to pitch to investors and potential new hires. It remained the core of our product frontend for years until we eventually phased it out.

I co-founded and was the principal designer at a small app development studio. We made single-use utility apps for iOS.

The Capture app icon and interface on an old iPhone 4

Capture solved the problem of missing a special moment because the video camera took too long to launch. I designed the icon to mimic a physical record button, and the UI to do its job and stay out of the way.

Screenshots of the Canned interface, circa 2009

Canned was a way to create reusable templates for text messages. We used mostly system UI, but I designed a custom control and UX for adding a specific recipient.

An iPhone showing the Starbird app interface The Twitter and Starbird app icons

Quality social media was being drowned out by noise, so Starbird was a way to follow people’s favorites instead of their tweets. I designed a fullscreen card interface and horizontal swipe interaction experience.

For almost 12 years I led digital media production at The City Church, a large non-denominational church with multiple campuses.

Screenshots of a half a dozen different websites from the church ministries

I designed, built, and managed dozens websites for the church’s ministries and campaigns.

A book and CD showing cover designs A grid of sermon series and event designs

← ↓
I was responsible for creative and art direction for book and CD covers, as well as for events and sermon series.

Billboards from the Seattle area showing the JESUS IS ___ design

↑ ↓
I helped design a campaign to invite an open conversation about Jesus, the most controversial figure in history. I built a webapp which allowed visitors to anonymously fill in the blank, share their answer, view others’ answers (after they had been curated), and agree or disagree with them.

As a design generalist, my skills are valuable for any company and indispensable for early-stage projects.

Site designed and built by hand using Figma & good old-fashioned HTML+CSS.

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